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Terms of Use
The Beacon Annuity data is created exclusively for the private use of our subscribers and is based on information provided by “participating” insurance companies. This information may include, but is not limited to, contracts, brochures, company literature, data obtained in response to our surveys, or in discussions and meetings with Beacon Research Publications, Inc. personnel and insurance company management. In addition, Beacon Research Publications, Inc. may request publicly available information such as state insurance filings or contracts. Although the data are gathered from reliable sources, Beacon Research Publications, Inc. cannot guarantee completeness or accuracy. This material has not been reviewed for compliance with various state advertising regulations. Please obtain approval from the insurance company providing the product prior to use with the public. ALL INFORMATION CONTAINED HEREIN IS COPYWRITED BY BEACON RESEARCH PUBLICATIONS, INC., AND NONE OF THE INFORMATION MAY BE COPIED, RESOLD, TRANSFERRED, DISSEMINATED, SCANNED FOR SUBSEQUENT USE OR FOR ANY PURPOSE WHATSOEVER WITHOUT THE PRIOR WRITTEN CONSENT OF BEACON RESEARCH PUBLICATIONS, INC.

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